Boumo Distribution & Logistics

Wide range of brands and products.

Experts in the mass-consumption distribution business in the Republic of Panama.

Boumo Distribution & Logistics

Commercial Company engaged in the business of representation and distribution of various manufacturers of the following product categories:
Boumo Distribution & Logistics


At Boumo we have a highly qualified leadership team with vast previous experience in Distribution and Logistics Services and we are recognized for our high ethical standards and our excellent relationship with our employees, always focused on trade execution, while having an excellent relationship with our key customers.

Deep Market Knowledge

Boumo Distribution & Logistics, offers your brands a best in class Go-To-Market partner, data driven and focused in executing with excellence.

Highly qualified​

leadership team with extensive experience in distribution and logistic services​


for our high ethical standards and for our excellent relationship with our collaborators​


on In-Store execution, while having a collaborative relationship with our customers.

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