Boumo Distribution & Logistics

About Us

Founded in 2017, Boumo was the result of the experience of its founders in the distribution business of mass consumption products, the understanding of the market needs in terms of attention, service and the deep conviction that the final consumer must have the possibility of accessing the best products at the best price in all the points of sale where they make their purchases.

This is why Boumo focuses the development of its brands and products as well as defines which brands make sense for the Panamanian market, always maintaining the concept of value brands, which provide retail customers and consumers added value for their trust in our products.


At Boumo, we distribute and manufacture the best products and brands, always based on an adequate cost-benefit ratio. For us, quality is not synonymous with expensive or high price, quality in our opinion is a balance of both aspects in order to gain the trust of our consumers when they use our products.


Modern Distribution Center, with ample capacity. Expansion capability for any space or conditions needed.


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